Why to choose yahoo as your preferred email service provider?

The Yahoo email has earned the name and fame of the world because of its fastest emailing service. It updates its features from time to time, therefore, customers love it. From the very long time, it is providing its better service to all customers. Yahoo has added some new features to perform well. Attractive features of Yahoo includes 1000 GB storage capacity, more attachments can send one email and more. If you want to create your account at Yahoo than visit at Yahoo.com and at its homepage create your account. After creating your account you would be eligible to log in your email whenever you need. Yahoo email not only provides better email service but also provide tech support service in case any customer face trouble related to Yahoo email. Through Yahoo email technical support any kind of trouble related to Yahoo can be get solved.

What are new updates of Yahoo email?

Yahoo email has updated various features which helps users to manage their email in a specific manner. Provide instant messages service and more.

  1. Animated GIF to send an email as well as attracted to email.
  2. Emoji at taskbar to make fun
  3. One click can organize history and allow to view
  4. Themes for background and email which allow users to change their favorite color as their background.
  5. More powerful searching option helps users to quickly search what they need. Use keywords, contacts or email address to search and find it quickly.
  6. Organized inbox for a better
  7. Reminders, calderas, sticky notes, online notebook
  8. Drives to save files
  9. Filters to protect from spam and suspicious email.

For the betterment of people users of Yahoo email works on its features always. Now users don’t need to feel that boring email service. It has more colors and attractive features to fun. Make your work light and add some fun in your life with Yahoo email. If you find unable to use any features then you can take help of tech support team by dial Yahoo email Customer Service 24 hours.