How to fix when Yahoo email neither receive nor send emails?


Yahoo email is one the popular and reliable mail service over the world. It has almost 257 million users due to its world-class services. What happens when Yahoo email stop to send or receive email? It happens sometimes with users when they unable to send and receive email at Yahoo. When the Yahoo email not working then you can use following steps to resolve the technical problems.

What to do when users can send emails but not receive it? To identify the reason for this issue and fix it follow the instruction given here one by one.

Simple steps to fix issues when Yahoo mail unable to receive email.


Check if your account has any errors and you have a question how do I fix my email error? Sign in Yahoo email account and send yourself an email.

  • If an error occurs then address to fix the issue.
  • If you don’t get any error means the account is working. If your account is working well then check your account setting.
  • Check spam folder and make sure if the email was incorrectly marked.
  • Email filter to ensure is your email arrived at another folder.
  • Ensure that your reply to address is blank.

If these all points are correct and no issues found there, then ask the sender to check their mail. Let me check they have sent email correctly.

What to do when Yahoo mail not sending or message sent but not received. If it happens then it may possible that email is either waiting to be sent mail. Follow steps to fix when your Yahoo email is not sending mail.

  1. Check have you enter correct mail address.
  2. Make sure there is no space in the email
  3. Check your send folder is there email successfully sent?
  4. Check the draft folder of your mail. If the email in a draft folder then sends it again.

If your problem remains constant and you are not able to fix it. Reach to technical support team through Yahoo customer support number anytime. The service of customer care is 24 hours open for every user without any condition. This is a toll-free number so don’t hesitate to call whenever you need help.