How to restore QuickBooks to a previous date?

How QuickBooks restoration actually works?

Whatever you update in the QuickBooks related to your data and accounts required to save a copy or backup. By doing so will help you a lot in your financial matter where all the data will be available for you whenever you need them. In case QuickBooks crashes, or the program itself has met with an internal error then what would be the option for you to handle such kind of technical problem? Well, in such kind of situations, your data backup will help you a lot. This will not only secure your all the data or information, but also will be able to open QBB file without QuickBooks when you need it in urgency. You have the solution over here which need to be followed step by step in a proper manner in order resolve the issue and if you couldn’t do that then there is one more option in the form of QuickBooks tech support number where certified experts will help you

How to restore QuickBooks to a previous date?

Prior starting the solution process you should have backup of QuickBooks files from the date you need the restoration. You are required to follow the process in order to rectify the issue in a quick manner.

Process with complete instructions and steps on how to restore QuickBooks to a previous date:

  1. In the beginning you need to login to your QuickBooks account.
  2. Just after that you have to click on the files menu and have to choose to restore company option.
  3. Now you can see a dialogue box over here and you have to choose the type of the file, you would like to restore. Now after that you have to click on the radio button which are alongside with the message, “restore a backup copy”.
  4. In this step you have click on the next button and you can see another dialogue box over here where you are required to choose if you need to restore a file from your local destination or you have the online saved backup.
  5. In continuation you have to navigate to the location where you saved your QuickBooks backup datafrom that previous date.
  6. Now it’s time to click on the next and then choose the location where you want to save your restored file in QuickBooks.

Please note: after restoring your file, the old version will be permanently deleted and overwritten. So make it sure that you are working with the write backup file.

  1. You are required to save your preferences and your file will be saved and restored successfully.
  2. Now, open your company file that you have restored and check if everything is working right.

As you can observe it that by following all the steps one by one in a strict manner, you can resolve the issue very easily. In case there is any error while doing so then, you can sort it out with the help of QuickBooks Helpline Phone Number where certified experts will help you from the beginning of error and resolve the issue in a rapid and accurate manner. You have to just reach out to the provided number the moment you face this issue. These services will be available 24×7 online