How to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password?

Running a business successfully is not difficult now because QuickBooks the best accounting software is with you. For entrepreneurs, QuickBooks is the best option and about 4.4 million people use it worldwide. It has security to protect all personal details. During access to QuickBooks software, some users need to recover administrator password. This is easy if you have knowledge about it. If you have remembered security questions then follow given instructions.

To recover QuickBooks Administrator Password you can also take help of QuickBooks Customer Care number. Through this number, you can reach to tech support experts. Ask customer care team to help you and recover QuickBooks Administrator password.

Learn to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password.

  1. Open the accounting software site of QuickBooks.
  2. At the accompanying site, you will get a form to fill.
  3. On the website submit the form after submission of form an email will be sent to the email entered in the field.
  4. The email will have a number as a token which will help you to approve the procedure of resetting the secret keys. It will also utilize during reset password by connecting downloadable executable.
  5. Now open the email and duplicate that token number.
  6. Click to connect the executable.
  7. After download, you will find a layout. Here at the layout, you need token, company file location, two fields which will show new password key.
  8. Fill the form and then submit it. After form submission, you will get “Verification Process” has started.
  9. When you will get the info to finish. You will be able to sign the QuickBooks Company record with new admin password of QuickBooks.
  10. If you are not able to recover Admin password of QuickBooks then take help of technical experts.

Follow some tips to recover or reset passwords.

  • Sign in to QuickBooks site as Administrator, utilize the login name of SYSADMIN. Don’t put any secret key and click to “OK”.
  • During sign-in as SYSADMIN utilize basic password.
  • The secret word may contain numbers, so make sure num lock is on.
  • Use word system to check the letters are correct.

If above instructions don’t work then you can try next. Use recovery tool to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password.

Recover Admin Password by recovery tool:

Download the recovery tool of Intuit’s. By the help of this tool, you will be able to recover Admin Password.

  1. Visit Intuit’s Website.
  2. You will get a form fill it.
  3. Feed following info in required filed.
  • The license number of QuickBooks.
  • Your first & last name.
  • Email address & phone number.
  • Postal code.
  1. After it verifies the text picture and submits.
  2. Now you will get a token number and link to download recovery tool of the automatic
  3. Download it and run it on your desktop.
  4. Feed the software & token number which you get via mail. Click to OK.
  5. By the help of this tool, you will unlock your account and recover the data.

Now you will able to recover the Admin Password of QuickBooks accounting software. If still, you are not able to recover the Admin Password then simply contact to tech support experts. Through QuickBooks Tech Support Number you will be able to resolve this issues as soon as possible.