How to fix when suspicious activity detected while sending email

Yahoo is the top leading emailing services where it provides exclusive features. Usually, email is used to share data and information, therefore the security of email is an important thing for email users. Yahoo email has high-security features and due to security reason, Yahoo blocks suspicious email address. If Yahoo email user face problem because of suspicious emails then you can dial Yahoo Customer Care Number where experts at Yahoo tech support will assist you to dissolve issues.

Well, Yahoo email has a feature to block suspicious emails, so if you find such kind of problem then you can follow the instructions given below:

Step 1: Learn why Yahoo block such emails?

Yahoo temporary block suspicious email because of security purpose. If you get “suspicious activity deleted” or “sending account temporarily blocked” it means the email was suspicious and might be harmful to your email address. After getting this message, still, you can access the email while waiting for hold and expire.

Step 2: How to identify suspicious email?

  • Within short time get lots of emails.
  • Get repeated duplicate info in email
  • Sending emails to large number of recipients
  • Find a message stuck in the Outbox of Yahoo.

Step 3: How to avoid the problem in future?

  • If your email contains hyperlinks then send email as plain.
  • Avoid sending a large number of email in short duration.
  • Use Yahoo group to send email to large number of recipients

By following these instructions you can avoid to get a suspicious email. It may possible that your problem remains same due to other reason. So to dissolve the problem of getting suspicious and spam emails you can try the Yahoo tech support number on which tech support experts will help you within a short duration of time. Yahoo provides its customer support service 24×7 hours.