How to fix network connection failure issue of Yahoo mail?

If the users of Yahoo email face trouble with a network connection. They get the message that network connection fails with Yahoo mail app on the mobile phone. To secure users information and keep it Private Yahoo has security option. If due to advanced security you find trouble you can follow the steps for troubleshooting. There are many Yahoo users who think how do I fix the connection to the server has failed? Well on this page you will find all answers. You can contact Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number for this issues or you can keep on reading to get it done by yourself.  The solution for every mobile device is different. You can follow which one you need.

  • iOS Mail app:

Before proceed to fix the problem update the latest iOS version. Outdated service may cause an error. After updating iOS remove & again add the Yahoo email on the iOS device.

Remove Yahoo account:

  1. Click the Settings, go to the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  2. Click to the Yahoo Mail account.
  3. Select the option Delete Account & delete.

Re-add Yahoo mail account

  1. Click the Settings, Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  2. Click to Add Accountof
  3. Feed the name, full email address, password, and full email address in the “Description” field.
  4. Click to Next & press enter to save it.
  • Android Mail app:

For Android users also they need to update the latest version of the device because old version may show error as “connection to yahoo mail failed.” After upgrading you need to remove the Yahoo email account.

  • Remove Yahoo account
  1. Click on Yahoo email accountSettings.
  2. Select the Remove account
  3. Now to remove the accountyou will ask to confirm.
  4. Click to Yes and continue.

Re-add Yahoo account

  1. Click onSettings.
  2. From the “Accounts” section, click to add account.
  3. Again click onEmail.
  4. Click onOthers.
  5. Feed up the email address and password, then click to next.
  6. Choose how often the app checks for new mail, and do next.

Mail clients and other mobile devices

Those users who are mail client and use other mobile devices can go to next but this yahoo mail account settings would be manual.

  • IMAP server settings
  • POP server settings

Hope these step would be successful to troubleshoot the account issues. If ever you face poor network or network failure option with Yahoo email. Without hesitation reach to Yahoo Customer Care Number technical support experts.