How to Change or Reset Yahoo mail password?

Passwords are very important for every email user. It protects the user’s information to get into wrong hands which could be very dangerous and harmful for a user. For this reason, it is recommended that users change their email password regularly and keep their information safe and secure. A user can reach Yahoo Technical Support number for guidance or they can follow the steps below.

How to change Yahoo password

  • Option A: Through Web browser
  1. Go to Yahoo Account security page
  2. Click change password
  3. Choose a new password
  4. Click continue
  • Through Yahoo App

Yahoo App in most cases allows directly changing password in the app itself. If that option is unavailable, change it through the regular web browser (Option A)

  1. Go to Menu Icon
  2. Select manage accounts
  3. Select Account info.
  4. Select Security settings
  5. Enter security code
  6. Click Change password
  7. Click I would rather change my password
  8. Choose and confirm new password
  9. Continue
  • Flickr Mobile App
  1. Go to the Profile icon
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to manage accounts
  4. Account info.
  5. Choose Recent activity

How to reset forgotten/ lost password

While resetting a forgotten or lost password, it’s necessary to prove your authenticity. The servers automatically and randomly choose the best verification questions which you provide while signing up for the Yahoo account. It could include sending a verification code to the registered mobile number or alternate registered email address.

We hope that the steps we have mentioned above was helpful for you and you were able to recover your Yahoo account back. However, if, for any reason you are not able to do it by yourself or you don’t want to do it by yourself then just contact our Third Party Yahoo Customer Care Number 1-844-797-9987 and we will handle the rest for you.