How do I use my yahoo mail along with other e-mail providers?

Today everyone has more than one mail address. But it becomes a big mess when you have to check your e-mail on every platform separately or miss some important messages.

With yahoo messenger, you can consolidate all your e-mails at one place got.

Yahoo can connect and sync with a lot of e-mail service providers.

  • Gmail
  • Aol
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo mail

Yahoo uses an IMAP (Internet message access protocol) technology where you can organize all the e-mail from multiple email addresses at one place.

It provides you the ease of checking similar kind of mail at one place regardless of where it came from. You can access all the emails at one place and can organize it in any way you like. In case you have any problem you can always contact third party Yahoo Customer Care Number 1-844-797-9987. This gives the user the power of multitasking and ability to view each kind of emails at one place. You can name folders as per your choice.

yahoo email support

Yahoo is still one of the reliable e-mail service providers it provides you agility as well as security.

With yahoo child safety you can protect your kids on the internet you can contact our yahoo customer care for expert advice on how to make smarter and safer choice online for you and your family. If you get to know that someone posted your private pictures without your consent then they can be stopped by reporting just submit the Yahoo ID (optional), The URL details on the search results page, URL of the content you are reporting. And send it to our team at Yahoo. If you still feel your system is not safe you can always contact third party Yahoo Customer Support . We are always there to protect you and help you get an excellent experience.