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To share information in the authentic way we need to have an email address, most of the time our email message include sensitive and personal data. Therefore before using an email address make sure that which email address you have been using is secure or not. There are many email service provider companies which use updated and advanced features for email. AT&T is one of such email which gives priority to security. This email has added more advanced features which help its customers to perform their work fast. Still, you are unaware of AT&T features then create your account on this email address and experience the freedom of emailing without fear of threats. It may possible that AT&T users face trouble while accessing their account because of a technical fault. In such case, AT&T has provided AT&T Customer Service Number to complain about fault and get a solution as well.

This email address has updated new features which help users to manage their email message.

AT&T new updated features:

AT&T email has updated its features for all users.

  1. Filters for spam and junk emails: It detects such suspicious email and directly transfers to the spam folder.
  2. Capacity to send larger file attachment: Now AT&T email provides facility to send 25 MB file as an attachment via one email.
  3. Unlimited storage capacity: The storage capacity of AT&T has improved and now users can save unlimited emails.
  4. Notebook and reminders: The online notebook and reminders help its users to remember important events and dates.
  5. Spell checker: This is one of the best feature added by AT&T email. When a user sends an email spell checker check and removes mistakes from the message.
  6. Easy to access account: AT&T is web-based email, therefore, users of AT&T can access their email easily from another device.

The email AT&T has more exclusive features which help users to send or receive their email easily. It may possible that AT&T cause some technical error due to any problem. To solve such problem and help users AT&T has its tech support team which can be reached through AT&T Customer Support Number 24×7.